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Newly lit meeting room fosters bright ideas

City Hall conference room features LED lighting

ANN ARBOR, Mich., May 9, 2008 - A City of Ann Arbor conference room is hosting more than meetings these days. The meeting space on City Hall’s fourth floor is also exhibiting the latest advances in LED (light emitting diode) indoor lighting technology.

The conference room is the first municipal installation to replace the standard fluorescent lamps found in most offices and meeting rooms with direct replacement lights containing LEDs utilizing patented technology from ilumisys, Inc.

These LED "tubes" simply drop in to replace the fluorescent tubes in the fixtures. They work with existing fluorescent ballasts or operate directly from 110 volt line current.

Among the advantages of LED drop-in replacements for fluorescent tubes:

Saves Energy - These LED tubes use 28 watts instead of the fluorescent bulb’s 32 watts.

Lasts Longer - The average life of a fluorescent tube is 10,000 hours. The expected life of LEDs is 60 - 100,000 hours, up to 10 times longer.

No Mercury - LEDs contain no mercury. Annually, 500 million fluorescent tubes are discarded in the United States. Mercury from just one fluorescent lamp is enough to contaminate 6,000 gallons of water beyond safe levels for drinking.

While still in the early manufacturing stages, ilumisys, a Michigan-based solid state lighting developer, has donated this breakthrough technology to the City of Ann Arbor.

"The potential of this LED technology to transform lighting as we know it, save energy and contribute to a cleaner environment is tremendous," said City of Ann Arbor Energy Coordinator David Konkle. "Lighting currently accounts for 25 percent of all U.S. electrical power consumption, with fluorescent-type lighting making up more than 80 percent of this usage."

A second generation of LED tubes, scheduled for installation at City Hall by fall 2008, will use about 20 watts, a more than 40 percent energy savings.

"The City of Ann Arbor has demonstrated clear leadership in implementing next generation lighting technology," said ilumisys President Dave Simon. "When we began looking for municipalities to partner with, it became quickly apparent that our neighbors in Ann Arbor are international leaders in adopting LED lighting. Along with the governor’s alternative energy initiatives, this project helps build momentum for all of Michigan to become a world leader in solid-state lighting."

This demonstration is another example of why Ann Arbor has been named an LED City ( The other LED Cities are Raleigh, N.C.; Austin, Texas; Toronto, Ontario; and Tianjin, China.

About ilumisys

ilumisys, Inc. is a Troy, Michigan-based company focused on next-generation solid-state lighting technology. The company was formed in 2007 as a spinoff venture and wholly owned subsidiary of Altair Engineering, Inc. Initial products will be derived from Altair's intellectual property as they relate to the direct replacement of fluorescent light tubes with light-emitting diode (LED) lamps and direct replacement of incandescent lamps. For more information, please visit

The City of Ann Arbor has 114,000 residents, spans 27.7 square miles and was named one of the top 25 U.S. cities to live in by CNN/Money Magazine in 2006, as well as the fourth smartest city in the U.S. by Forbes Magazine. The city’s mission statement reads: The city of Ann Arbor is committed to providing excellent municipal services that enhance the quality of life for all through the intelligent use of resources while valuing an open environment that fosters fair, sensitive and respectful treatment of all employees and the community we serve.

David Konkle
City of Ann Arbor Energy Coordinator

For ilumisys:
Heather Kessen
Landau Public Relations

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