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Public-Private Partnership To Help Michigan "Flip The Switch For Energy Savings"

May 9, 2008 -- ESCANABA - A pilot project between the Michigan Department of Management and Budget (DMB) and one of Michigan’s "green" technology companies will help the state "flip the switch for energy savings."

At a press conference at the Escanaba State Office Building today, DMB Director Lisa Webb Sharpe announced the partnership with ilumisys, a Michigan-based company that focuses on next-generation and solid-state lighting technologies.

Over a four-year period, ilumisys will replace 200 four-foot long fluorescent tubes in the Escanaba facility with three successive generations of LED lamps. The first generation was installed last week. Each generation is expected to be more energy efficient.

During each phase of the project, the state and ilumisys will collect and share data and assess the potential for saving additional energy and cutting costs further.

"Research and development of solid-state lighting technology is an important component in Governor Jennifer M. Granholm's plan to promote alternative energy technologies and enhance job creation in Michigan," Webb Sharpe said. "Our research partnership with ilumisys will help us evaluate, design and implement additional environmentally friendly energy strategies for our state buildings."

"We know there will be an immediate reduction in electricity usage and even greater reductions as the project moves forward and product operating efficiency increases, but we also want to study several other areas that impact total user cost savings," explained Dave Simon, president of ilumisys. Simon said ilumisys wants to collect qualitative user experience data to find out how their company’s solid state lighting technology is being received by those who work under the LEDs.

The LED lamps, which are valued at $25,000, are expected to reduce energy use by 10,000 kilowatt-hours per year and cut costs by $1,000 annually. Each lamp can provide 50,000 hours of light, the equivalent of 25 years of lighting.

Source: Michigan Department of Management and Budget

About ilumisys

ilumisys, Inc. is a Troy, Michigan-based company focused on next-generation solid-state lighting technology. The company was formed in 2007 as a spinoff venture and wholly owned subsidiary of Altair Engineering, Inc. Initial products will be derived from Altair's intellectual property as they relate to the direct replacement of fluorescent light tubes with light-emitting diode (LED) lamps and direct replacement of incandescent lamps. For more information, please visit

Heather Kessen
Landau Public Relations

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